We Offer “Career” not just a Job 

At Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited(IIBL), we don´t offer jobs-we offer Career. IIBL is a place where you can plan your career, get exposure to unique and challenging experiences, utilize your creativity, expertise and be part of a bright, energetic and dedicated team.If you are looking for a career, Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited(IIBL) is the right place for you.

What IIBL expects from you

Three characteristics, which are closely inter-linked, are important for the selection of candidates:


Our candidates should be able to work in a team, integrating well with different disciplines. We like candidates who show leadership qualities, people who can inspire others, who are self-confident and realistic, with a positive attitude to work and they will to work hard and smartly – even under pressure. We seek people with good judgment and who can be objective in their assessment of themselves and others.


Motivation should be driven by a long-term perspective and not result from a sudden fancy. We want people with purpose, people who are ambitious, not only for themselves and certainly not at the expense of others, but who derive job satisfaction as well as promote the interests of the Company. We want people who take responsibility for their actions, people who consider Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited as their own business and who can work as an individual entrepreneur works.

Professional Knowledge

It means university or equivalent qualification achieved with good academic results. In a few positions other experience, training, extra-curricular activities are also important. That will be proof of your willingness to apply theory to practice. However, IIBL looks for people who are willing to team throughout their lives. Excellent command over English language is mandatory, since it is the most universally used language.

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